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4 Easy Christmas makeup steps for your sex doll

Christmas is just around the corner. Are you still worried about the Christmas make up of your doll? We have prepared a series of tools and steps for you to complete the big holiday makeup of your sexy real doll. Before makeup, please prepare a makeup remover such as cleansing oil or make-up remover to prevent your carelessness. The versatile olive oil is surely applicable.


Promise to me,don't wash your doll's eyebrow if you don't have a good skill in painting eyebrows. Otherwise it is easy to make your love sex doll's face embarrassed. In fact, very few people can draw a picture that is more suitable for her eyebrows than the original eyebrows. You don't want to spend a lot of time to toss around for a doll without eyebrows.



The most convenient and effective makeup technique is to paint your lips. You just need to buy a regular lipstick and apply it carefully. The only thing that needs to be considered is the choice of the lipstick number. Suitable for this important grand festival, choose the berry color of the rose red or purple base to avoid vermilion or coral color. In terms of texture, the transparent and glossy lipstick can highlight the white skin more than the matte lipstick. I mean if yours is sex dolls in nature skin tone.


eyes make up
After completing the lip makeup, you can try the eyes, eyelashes, etc. You can buy alternative eyeballs to replace, and affix exaggerated false eyelashes so that your doll looks completely different.  By the way it is popular in putting sequins of various shapes around the eyes, that depends on you. 


pink wig sex doll

Wigs are also important accessories that can quickly change the overall shape. However, it is easy to buy inferior wigs on the market. Pay attention to the quality of wigs when purchasing. High-quality wigs can make your dolls more realistic, and light colors are better.

These simple steps can make a big change in your sex doll. If you want to make her makeup more delicate, you can refer to the girls' makeup steps. The quickest way is to learn the makeup tutorial video on the Internet.Try to manage it and you can get a dream doll that you have ever envy others'.It's worth it.