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6 Surprising Benefits of Sex

1. Increase sexual desire

    More sex life can better enhance libido. As an old saying goes,  practice makes perfect. I guess the same goes here.

    2. Relieve stress to help sleep

    Nowadays , people's work and life pressures are getting greater, and the variety of ways to decrease pressure has  made people pay more attention to sexual experience, gradually.  At the same time, more and more people feel the pleasure of sex.  Adding a pleasant feeling to the intense work and life.

    3. Reduce disease and pain

      Less chance of heart disease,  orgasm can produce a hormone that increases pain tolerance to reduce pain.  Studies have shown that men who ejaculate often have a lower chance of prostate cancer,  sexual intercourse,  night urination, and masturbation sex toys , all work well, although the factors affecting these diseases are not limited to this aspect, but it is worth noting that enjoying more sex will not hurt you.

      4. Enhance immunity

        According to reports, health experts have said that people with active sexual life , will have stronger body resistance and disease immunity.  It is said that in the process of sex,  human cells produce a specific antibody that acts in the body's protective mechanisms to improve the body's ability to resist germs. Although the specific medical principles have yet to be studied, doing things that make our bodies and minds happy must be helpful to a good mood. It is as if we value physical health in our daily lives, there are many ways to improve our body and mood.

        5. Benefit women's pelvis

          It is not difficult to imagine how important the pelvis is to women,  and many women have diseases caused by the pelvis.  Sexual life can exercise the muscle groups around the pelvis of women, especially when they have orgasm. Conversely,  having a strong pelvis is also beneficial to the increment in sexual pleasure.

          6. Workout and lower blood pressure

            According to the relevant investigation, there is an inseparable relationship between sex and the regulation of blood pressure. It is also the effect of regulating blood pressure by exercising the corresponding muscle tissue.