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Anecdotes-Interesting incidents and stories from sex dolls Ⅰ

1.Although the sex doll market is dominated by female silicone dolls, the sales company's data shows that the sales of male dolls also account for 10%. Although it is far less popular than female dolls, it also shows an upward trend in purchases. And  there are also gay buyers among buyers who buy male dolls, which means that we have a more open choice in the concept of sexual partner selection. There are also animal dolls that deserve our deep thoughts.

sex doll

2.It is said that during the Second World War, in order to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and to solve the physiological needs of soldiers, the Nazi secretly developed an inflatable doll similar to the female physiological structure, which is convenient for soldiers to carry. And also put forward a clear design requirements, she must have all the sexy appearance of the young girl, specifically, white skin, golden hair, blue eyes, 1.76 meters tall, fat lips and plump-a curvy beauty sex doll.

3. Not all the silicone&TPE dolls are the same. Just like people, dolls are also diverse, with different body shapes and different skin tones. As far as materials are concerned, the most widely known is the inferior inflatable dolls. In fact, there are also solid silicone dolls of excellent quality, and even customized solid skeleton dolls, as well as various additional functions, such as 37-degree body temperature and real human pronunciation.