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Asexual love - From Entity dolls to Virtual dolls

We all know blow up doll and silicone realistic doll, but few people know about virtual dolls. The virtual doll is usually based on the influence of holographic projection. In addition to the virtual holographic imaging technology, there are voice and facial recognition systems, so it can carry out simple daily conversations according to different people and environments. This virtual holographic imaging system device from Japan is called Gatebox. Its main customers are still in Japan. Most buyers take the image of their favorite 2D character as the object of choice.

If we can get the satisfaction of desire from ordinary life size doll, then virtual doll is more like the gospel of these otaku,also another way to bring male's dream doll into reality perfectly.

It is not only because of the development of Japan's sexual culture, but also that the impact and influence brought to the world culture cannot be ignored. Crazy fans around the world can see the enthusiasm through the influence of movies , cosplay and  other Japanese animation cultural activities.

The development of dating software didn't increase the marriage and love rate of the society, but caused the younger generation to lose interest in the heterosexual. The original expectations of this society may not be the case. Some people even predicted that dating software would bring sexual expansion to this society. They may ignoring the animals we still judge based on the senses. When bringing dating software to real life, we know that many of the previous conversations are just a waste of time. In the long run, with the aversion to the interpersonal relationship and the fear of emotions, these young people gradually learned to turn their eyes elsewhere.