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Barbaric methods of contraceptive in the ancient world.


In the 19th century, westerners invented a hexagonal small wooden block - something like a uterine sleeve to prevent pregnancy. The uterus is a female condom that is used directly at the cervix. This kind of contraceptive method  reduces the sense of isolation of using condoms. Both sides can feel direct contact with sexual organs during sexual intercourse. Usually they choose to put in long before sexual intercourse,  because you are not willing to care about this in a subtle moment. What about the contraceptive effect? According to statistics, this method of contraception has a 90% success rate, but as long as there is still 10%, we will worry about it. Later, in order to improve it, some one make it into a uterine cap. Just like its name, it looks like a hat that can be tightly attached to the cervix to prevent sperm from entering. But its downside is that it can never be so tight, you may find it in the vaginal opening. But this kind of contraceptive is called "the instrument that afflicts women" by later generations.

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Another similar savage method of contraception is gold and silver,  ivory contraception. Using expensive materials such as gold and silver and ivory,  it is actually very cruel. Thousands of years ago, people made into a "uterine sleeve" according to the shape of the female uterus, rich people use gold,  silver or ivory materials, and then wrapped in oil paper or beeswax. Sometimes,  these things can even lead to toxic shock in women, the body emits a variety of unpleasant odors, and even cause infection,  but it does not have much effect on contraception, actually.

In fact, such an approach is very cruel to women,  not only detrimental to women's physical health, but also shows a disrespect for women. Of course, this has something to do with the ancient social system. Both patriarchal society and patriarchal-ism make women passively accepted.  One question,  I am thinking about sex toys and contraceptive methods which was invented earlier. Of course, the historical origin of a sophisticated male sex toy is much earlier than that of contraception.