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Can sex robots be dangerous?


The development trend of robots has not only stayed in the industrial age, from service robots to nursing robots for the elderly, and close to real-life companion robots are very attractive to the opposite sex. And can play the role of a good lover in a relationship between the sexes.If you can use such a robot in your care, it will not only reduce the pressure on the nursing staff, but also the gospel of many lonely or elderly people.They are used not just as a fetish, but for sexual therapy and as companions real doll for lonely, disabled or older people.

There is no doubt that sexual robots are getting closer to perfect humans. With continuous improvements in design and functionality, they have been able to flirt with users and respond to user touch and simulated behavioral processes. As being a so realistic doll, it will be even more surprising in the future, and discussions and controversies in the community will be irrefutable. Just as the social problem brought by robots, sexual robots face more complex social ethics issues.

sex doll

Does the relationship with artificial intelligence dolls lead to an increase in the incidence of rape in real life? If it can be produced as an adult sex doll, how to regulate the appearance of a similar real person and the appearance of a sex robot? There is also the nature of love and marriage, whether we should admit that robots are "people." This is an international organization with a special organization love and sex with robots conference to study this issue.