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Details You must know - Buying TPE Sex Doll

Skin color

Usually colors of TPE sex doll are black, wheat, natural skin, white choice. You can customize or buy it according to the color you want.
sex doll skin color

The details of the head can be considered from the wig, such as the style and color of the wig. If you have more requirements for the hair of the doll, you can learn the selection of the wig material, which will make your doll have a more realistic experience.
In addition, the appearance of the life-like sex doll is not the only standard for good looks. You can make your doll look different by choosing the color of the eyes and choosing different styles of makeup.

sex doll head


Generally TPE love dolls, their body consists of two parts, skeleton and filling material. Of course, the stainless steel skeleton doll is the best choice. Another thing to consider is the filling of the chest, which is divided into two types: solid and hollow. Hollows are more comfortable to use, but they are also prone to deformation and shortened service life. When choosing small  breast dolls we recommend buying a solid sex doll on the chest. Of course, you can also choose the type you want.




Speaking of the standable function of the doll, first of all, the principle of standing sex dolls, as we can see in the picture below, the sex dolls generally bear the weight through these three fulcrums and get a standing posture. We often let the doll sit, lie down and lie, and this situation can be considered cheaper. But if you want to add more styling and posture, the ordinary model can't stand because it will cause damage to the doll, because the structure without the weight of the foot can not bear a lot of weight.

sex doll foot