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Different Feeling of Sex Doll Materials

The sex doll we can buy are usually TPE and silicone dolls. There are different advantages and disadvantages depending on the price and feel of the raw materials. Here, we will talk about how the different materials feel.

The general view in the market is that silicone is harder than TPE sex doll, most of them are like this, but why do women use slicone breast implants instead of tpe for breast augmentation? In fact, the degree of hardness is related to the pursuit of manufacturers, and some manufacturers pay attention to appearance. It is necessary to make the silica gel have a certain hardness, about 0 degrees or more. The advantage is that it does not drop makeup, and the love sex doll has a three-dimensional effect. This is the advantage of silica gel. The softness of tpe is related to how much oil is added, so the common problem with the soft tpe is the oil, which requires constant cleaning and talcum powder. The high-end silicone prosthesis is filled in the market, and the feel can be compared to real people, but the price is naturally expensive. So if you don't consider the price as a factor, you can use the best silicone material to ensure the makeup and three-dimensionality, as well as the feel.