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Do You Agree? Sex Doll Encourage Violence Against Women

Nowadays, sex doll have changed from the previous inflatable plastics to more realistic items, and more and more people have a strong interest in them. They are no longer the weird existence in the bedroom, and their prices are also cheap from plastic. Rise to a simulation doll worth thousands of dollars. Not only that, the doll brothels around the world are still hot under the restrictions of the regulations, and even the artificial intelligence dolls are gradually born.

Despite the great development trend of realistic sex doll around the world, both ordinary sex dolls and artificial intelligence robots have opposing opinions.

On the one hand, they believe that sex dolls encourage disrespect for women. On the other hand, they think that sex dolls with artificial intelligence are dangerous. The commonality between the two is the materialization of the female image. Allissa, a Nevada sex worker who feels deeply, says that sex workers provide services in addition to sex, real intimacy and two-way emotions, which is also the most beneficial aspect for customers. But a man who can satisfy the comfort of a sex doll is actually alienating himself and alienating his health.

sex doll-qioux
Another important factor is that they generally believe that it is completely dangerous to make women's sexual behavior like a doll. Sex worker Roxanne believes that dolls encourage violence against women. Especially the doll brothels are becoming more and more popular, which is dangerous for sex workers. If sex dolls and sex workers are the same service, those who are used to the dangerous sex of sex dolls are equally dangerous for sex workers. Some people think that love dolls are a strong product of "fantasy", and men can abuse without any consequences. In addition, if a doll is just doing what you expect it to do, then will men have the same expectations for real women? Although we have a brain that can help us distinguish between people and dolls, it seems difficult to explain in this case.