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Does the real sentiment come from sex?

Not everyone regards sex as important things, whether it is a partner or a single person. However, whether it is true feelings can arouse people's hormones.Sex is a very important thing in relationships, but in relationships, this is not the only thing we care about. After all, we all want to be a special one for others.


Sternberg explains the three elements of perfect love in his interpretation of  perfect love: intimacy, passion and commitment. The element of passion mainly  refers to the romantic passion and sexual  awakening when you are with   your partner.  However,  it is not   only the so-called "true sentiment" that can stimulate the secretion of hormones in humans. So, how can there be sex workers,  sex toys,  and sex dolls?  That existed is rational.

Perhaps the secretion of hormones at the beginning of the relationship is strong with romantic emotions relatively. But as the relationship develops and even worsens, the emotion gradually disappears, and the rest we should call it family. This is why most of the  derailment and breakup occur.

Sexual awakening can be divided into physiological and psychological,  while the opposite sexual indifference is the effect of two factors.  But for most people, these are very susceptible to subjective emotions.  This is why we always care about each other's emotions.