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Easy tips for buying your first realistic sex doll

Generally, the lifelike sex dolls we purchase are divided into two types: silicone and TPE. The origin of silicone dolls is best known in Japan.
Their dolls are known for high degree of simulation, but the corresponding price is the main reason we consider it.
Therefore, relatively cheap, cost-effective TPE material dolls are more popular with consumers. It is precisely because of the large demand market that there are also mixed goods, so how do we distinguish it?

nature skin sex doll

Buying quality sex dolls, a practical doll must be durable. The specific performance is toughness and can withstand a certain degree of pulling and squeezing. High-quality materials can be used for many years and have a range of simulated human joints that can be placed in the same pose as real women. In addition it should be easy to clean and maintain. It is also important that the merchants provide cautious transportation and services. Of course you will not want to tell your neighbor what you bought, and you don't want them to discuss the sex dolls you bought at the door.

standing sex doll
In appearance, most people will choose beautiful sex dolls, which can be enjoyed by themselves, and at home, it is equivalent to the existence of a large hand-made toy. The material of TPE is soft and resistant to pull. If you can't judge the softness and elasticity of the doll by just using the picture, you can use video to analyze whether the material characteristics are as expected. Through the purchase of a regular business, the real picture shows the appearance of the real doll is delicate, the degree of simulation, and the difference in size and weight of the size. There are also cleaning tools and gifts that are given away, which are all worth considering. Of course, you must also pay attention to privacy services.

tan skin sex doll