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Facts About Sex Toys

At first we all had a level of misunderstanding about sex toys.

sexy doll

1.Sex toys are for people who are sexually uncoordinated or have no sex.

Anyone can use sex toys. According to the survey, people who have sex are more frequent than those who do not have sex. They pursue a better quality of sexual life and a more intimate emotional relationship. So don't refuse to make your sex life more colorful because of sex toys, and make your emotional relationship with your partner more intimate. But sex toys are not a life-saving straw, just a supplement to sex games.

2.Using sex toys, we no longer need a partner

Sex toys can never replace real people, because the behavior of temperature must be provided by only real people, even intelligent sex robots that are highly developing can not do it. Just like a realistic love doll can't make breakfast for you, won't hug you and tell you how much he loves you, especially many men who are afraid of women using sex toys because they think their importance to women will be replaced by sex dolls, which makes them insecurity.

3.Sex toys will be addictive

Addiction means harm to the body, but using sex toys doesn't hurt your body. Of course, if the way of using anger is correct, although some people will rely on it, you don't need to quit this. Habits, because people can't refuse the activities of sexual partners.