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Facts about the Rise of Life-like Sex Dolls

Men are afraid that women will laugh at them, while women are afraid that men will kill them. This is Margaret Atwood's famous quote, which is a very apt description of the tension between men and women, especially for relationships. From a male point of view, it is precisely because women's ruthlessness, worship, and superficiality make the invention of sex dolls logical. Their reliable, submissive and always beautiful appearance is easy to fall in love with.

Women are unfathomable, but those TPE adult sex dolls are easy to understand, women will leave one day, and these dolls will not, they will always be the most loyal companion.

Having a sex doll is not an abnormal behavior. As the doll develops more and more like a real person, their inanimate features will only bring them more advantages. For men who can't or have no relationship in real life, having a realistic sex doll may be a healthier lifestyle for them.

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And many people who have had a failed experience in love and are discouraged by love, the woman's cruel impression is that most men experience, as an excuse to prefer love dolls.

As women's rights grow, the existence of real dolls offers another possibility for the return of male rights. At least the existence of dolls can appease men, reduce loneliness, and even reduce absurd things.

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