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How do you Dispose your Used Sex Doll?

Some users have considered in advance how to deal with it when they don't need it before buying a authentic sex doll. Is it sold to other people, donated or thrown away? If you just want to use it for a while, then it is recommended to buy a cheap TPE sex doll, because whether it is reselling or giving away, it is difficult to maintain its original value in the process of using the doll.

Have you ever heard of a life-size sex doll make the police think of a murder victim.That is always freak them out. Will they be accepted at the dump or at a recycling center? And do all the materials of sex dolls are recyclable? In which way that you are not like a murder victim when you get your sex doll out of the house?
qioux real doll
We got some ideas from webs.
Disassemble. They suggested that dispose your love dolls in pieces,a saw is also recommended is necessary, that seems creepy.It's hard to make us remind of the chainsaw and the broken corpse.There do happened some horror stories about people who tried to throw their adult sex dolls away only for someone to find them assume they are dead bodies and call the police. It might be a good idea to discuss disposal methods if it ever becomes necessary to retire a doll.God, this is sound more and more like a thriller short story.

In the summary,deal it in a environmental friendly way.