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How much do you know about sex doll materials?

There are various kinds of sex dolls that are popular in the market. Common dolls with silicone, TPE, TPR and platinum silicone dolls have also been added.
First let's talk about ordinary silica gel. This material is slightly harder to use because it is a thermosetting raw material. Other materials feel softer. In the long-term use process, it is prone to yellowing and deformation. But because of the original properties of thermoset, its useful life is a big advantage. And the average silicone doll is worth a lot.

Then there is a platinum silicone doll. From the raw material, the platinum silicone doll is made of transparent fumed silica gel and mixed with two-component platinum vulcanizing agent. It can reach the food grade and has a long service life. The softness of the product is closest to the real skin feel. The price of platinum silica gel is generally 60,000 per ton, because the performance is outstanding and the cost is relatively high. Currently, from the perspective of all the raw materials of dolls,
silicone sex doll
Silicone sex dolls generally feel slightly harder, while TPE sex dolls are soft. Because of its thermoplastic characteristics, the lack of expressiveness in detail. But TPE can stretch six to eight times. TPE is a variety of elastomeric materials at room temperature. It is a general term for elastomeric materials that can melt and flow at high temperatures. It has properties of high temperature resistance. Of course, the temperature needs to be controlled within 120 degrees Celsius. You won't put your TPE  love doll into that condition.So how to distinguish between silica gel and TPE, under normal conditions, can be distinguished by observation, TPE feels smooth and soft, and the hardness is small.

TPE sex doll

Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. As for which sex doll to buy, according to the needs to buy.