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How perfect will the future sex dolls be?

The current trend of sex doll is to design one that have respond.Future sex dolls will have a life-size body and can be customized to meet the needs of the user. The basic design is similar to the popular silicone dolls or TPE sex dolls in the market. After creating a functional design that satisfies the physiological pleasure, it is more worth noting how to design a product that better satisfies the emotional cognitive level.


tan skin sex doll


The first manufacturer to produce this type of doll is Love Doll. It not only combines artificial intelligence and sex toys, but also combines reality and virtuality to provide a better experience for users. As the old saying goes, the most beautiful but imagination. Users take VR devices to experience a combination of virtual and reality sex, which means that what you see in your eyes and what you actually touch can be different. Not only that, but also can be combined with sex game, through the combination of virtual and real, you can choose the anime character or real star that the user likes.
Asian sex doll
With this development, what will happen when sexual robots develop to perfection, robots will come to more realistic, and the personality of customer-selective dolls is like choosing skin color and height featured sex dolls, and it is even difficult to distinguish them from real people.