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How to pick up your first sex doll?

Japanese sex doll

Choice of doll appearance
Of course, we will pick beautiful silicone dolls, just as we all will look at people. The good-looking silicone doll is not only practical, but also pleasing to the eye.

Sexual doll's touch
Pick a sex doll that feels real and comfortable. Because the biggest uncertainty we have when choosing is its sense of experience. Whether it can solve our physiological needs, and whether it can achieve the imaginary effect. The questions in this list are only possible if you choose a much more realistic sex doll.

We all know that silicone dolls are expensive, and if you have enough budget, consider silicone sex dolls. Its simulation feels stronger, but it feels harder.
TPE material simulation dolls are cheaper, product selection is more, and you need to spend more thoughts to understand the judgment. It is also the most popular sex doll, because the advantages of TPE real dolls are more favored by consumers.

With the emergence of more and more sex doll users, we have more channels to understand these products. We can judge the pros and cons of the website and product evaluation before you buy.