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Anecdotes-Interesting incidents and stories from sex dolls Ⅱ

Japanese sex doll customs shop

In Japanese sex doll customs shop, guests can choose their favorite sex dolls, not only let them indulge in sexual fantasies, but also bring dolls to their homes or hotels to have a happy time when necessary. Because high-quality dolls are not cheap, this is a cheap way to try sex dolls before you decide to buy your TPE real doll.

Eastern Europeans use sex dolls in swimming competitions

Eastern Europeans like to use sex dolls in swimming competitions. At the National Men's Day in Lithuania, a man took an inflatable doll as a scorpion to participate in a swimming competition and won the first position. Until 2013, the doll was eventually cancelled due to health and safety incidents.

However, Russia also has a similar challenge called Bubble Barbour. The competition requires participants to complete three races: hiking, swimming and cycling with inflatable dolls.

You can imagine the strange and funny atmosphere of the game. Especially when you see the scene of the game looks like a bunch of people drowning.

Because many contestants did not treat inflatable dolls as a partner, most of them became swimming circles. For others (of course, gender is not limited), inflatable dolls are important companions in life. Similar to the game with his wife running, they also hope to have such a game to commemorate and enjoy the intimate feelings between the sex dolls. Of course, if you don't want your partner to soak in water, you can also provide a sex doll rental service.