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Is your country legalizing sex doll brothels?

The cities and countries we are familiar with, such as the United States, Japan, and Spain, are all countries where brothels are legalized.


American sex

Nevada is the only state in the United States where the sex doll brothel business is legalized, and sex dolls can cosplay into any role you want to get unexpectedly. Whether it is anime dolls, life-like custom dolls, sex dolls of different ethnic ,different skin colors, or even alien sex dolls can be experienced there.


Japan sexual service

In Japan, sex doll brothels usually combine traditional services with adult sex dolls to enhance the customer's sexuality in a variety of ways, because in a doll-filled room, it is conceivable that there is still a subtle sense of incompatibility. Japan even regards sex dolls as the actor of the TV series. Of course, it needs to cooperate with real humans to complete the plot. The sex doll itself can not speak, so they also invited the famous voice actors to dub the sex doll.


Spain sex service

Spain is also a country with a legitimate sex service. The first doll brothel in Barcelona, ​​Spain, is the first sex brothel in Europe. Before you go, you can tell the brothel owner by appointment. What kind of clothes do you want your real love doll to wear, what kind of position you need, all you have  to do is to say  your fantasy details, the host will try to be as far as possible to meet the specific requirements of customers, according to their requirements.