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It's time to change your sex life

Increasingly developed technology is quietly affecting the way we express love and intimacy. And more and more people are limited by distance, which has also spawned many sex toy companies that help solve remote sex and develop intimate technologies for the benefit of people who cannot experience skin contact because of distance, loneliness or disability.

As we all know, distance is the killer of intimate relationships. But now these have already had a solution. These sex toy technology companies can lead you into a new world of sex.

remote sex

Kiiroo is not just a sex toy, it is also a social network that is pinned on the users of sex toys. In their view, this is not a masturbation toy or sex platform, they prefer to position themselves in the words innovation and community. Through the community, people can make intimate contact in a three-dimensional environment.

Speaking of this, you must be very curious about how it works. Firstly, register an account in the community similar to the social platform of the network. Then choose one of the two sex toys, and you can send data to and from other users' devices after startup. Users can contact other users through the community platform and activate connected devices.

I have to say that this is a high-tech adult toy that brings sexuality into a new digital age - allowing people to feel the intimacy of each other remotely.