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Realistic love is no more hard for otaku

The definition of otaku is: in a broad sense, a person who is keen on subculture and has a deep understanding of the culture. In the narrow sense, he refers to people who are passionate about animation, comics, and video games.

This word is somewhat similar to the word Maniac. It was originally used to refer to those who are keen and skilled in animation and computer games, and now generally refers to people who are passionate about animation culture.
In the concept of some people in Japan, the anime culture can never have anything to do with the real life, so they will distinguish the real person and the anime role . Some of them only like the real sex doll, and the other part, will only love the virtual anime girlfriend.The choice of girlfriends under the prevailing otaku culture is diverse.

Those who are passionate about investing in sex dolls, they like to go out for a walk with the dolls, sightseeing art exhibitions, as if it can also empathize, and some even hold weddings with their love dolls. Because love can be difficult for the otaku, it is easier for them to pin their emotions on the simulated doll. And they don't have to worry about her empathy.

As cultures fastly spread,this will become more common and less burdensome relationships are pursued, and attitudes toward otaku culture and sex dolls become more diverse.