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Sex doll is more than just sex toy

For some people sex doll's meaning is beyond sex toy.
It can make the elderly living alone have a spiritual sustenance in the daily life. It can also make up for the regrets in people's hearts or replace a character in your heart.It also can satisfy all the illusions you have in your mind, even make them come true. Undoubtedly, making your life happier is the mission of the sex doll's birth. Generally they choose sex dolls as following reasons.

1. Companionship
Just because sex dolls cannot talk, they can accept all your outbreak emotion, besides, it's a good way to get pleasure of self indulgence, self forgiveness unneeded. Nowadays depressive disorder occurred frequently, it comes from a variety of emotional repression , and no release for emotions.After a long period of accumulation, tiny emotional ups and downs can be the last straw.We should pay more attention to them.

2.Replicas of dead lovers
According to the news of the sex doll official(a company offering rent of sex robot) . Recently a man put a order for a real person replica .That because of her dead wife. Approaching the age of 60, some people like him are not considering of remarriage. He provided all the desirable details of his dead love , includes hair color, breast size ,weight and skin color.

3. Spice up your sex life
More pleasurable stimulation.
Alleviate performance anxiety, especially for your first time of sex.
Control your ejaculation and increase stamina.
She will always obey all your fantasies and fetishes.

4. Enthusiastic at dressing
Almost they are otaku, in their hearts, the spiritual communication between them and the doll is greater than the physical body. Most of them are addicted to anime . With the separation of They cast their true feelings on the dolls, and the dolls also bring them spiritual satisfaction.
With age, love has more and more conditions attached to the house, money, children, education, but for some people these are too heavy, they use the silicone doll to find themselves.

5. Medical and model
Some may use realistic doll as model and some other medical treatment .To help tens of millions of doctors and nurses learn, Mikoto from Japan is familiar with various medical techniques and will respond painfully to the operation of a beginner nurse or doctor.

6. Consignment of feelings, love is irrelevant
More and more people choose a marriage with sex doll.Their activities are more extensive and their play is increasing. Especially for those elderly.Their retirement life ushers in the second spring of their lives.