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Sex dolls in the world

Sex dolls can be said to be one of the great inventions that many people have used or heard.

sex doll
The world's most recognized silicone dolls are made by realdoll in the United States. Each silicone doll can be made like a real person.
Since the twentieth century, the silicone doll's touch is close to real skin, and the face will have a rich expression. However, the French-made skin is even better, and the mechadoll silicone doll skin from France is closer to the real person.
Speaking of this, you will be very puzzled as to why there is no advantage in Japan as a big country of dolls. Of course not. Like the diverse AV culture, Japanese silicone dolls are also diverse and civilized. Japanese silicone dolls are rich in style and mature in technology, which makes it more diversified in the positioning of dolls. The silicone dolls with strong girls are still loved by mainstream consumers. And the world's most expensive silicone doll is also produced here, her shape is no different from real people. Not only is the material very close to the softness and deformation of the body, but the joint deformation is also perfect.

sex doll
For the whole world pattern of realistic sex dolls, Japan, Europe and the United States have a higher degree of acceptance, and many countries are still waiting to see due to political reasons. The physical doll technology in many areas has been relatively mature. In particular, many factories in China have mastered the production skills of European and American solid dolls, promoting the development of high-quality whole entity doll industry, bidding farewell to low prices and endless counterfeiting, which is for physical dolls. The industry is also crucial.