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Special Existence of Anime Real Dolls

Many people like real dolls. Today we are talking about anime role-playing enthusiasts, not only do they love role-playing, but also buy realistic dolls to play the role of anime. Of course, it is generally like a life-size doll that has the function of cos,some people also want to spice up their life.
anime cos doll
Role-playing to real doll buyers, the most notable thing is to try to buy human-sized dolls in proportion, in order to buy the doll's role-playing costumes more easily. This kind of real clothing can also be well suited for dolls.
anime doll
Those cosplay clothing are generally very beautiful and detailed, as long as you have a life-size real doll, you can choose the clothing that suits the doll, whether it is a game character or an anime character, as long as you can think of it, it is almost everything you can find. Besides, you can also find the relevant custom store to order. And some doll players said that watching the doll under the cos clothing has more fun.
anime sex doll
Another important thing is the maintenance and repair of the realistic love doll. After purchasing a high-quality doll, maintenance is essential for every doll enthusiast. Dolls can cost a lot. However, the life of the doll is limited, and the real doll can change the body or the head if it cannot be repaired. They would love to choose to change their bodies. As long as their dolls have the same head,it will still make them feel they are the original ones.