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  • Anecdotes-Interesting incidents and stories from sex dolls Ⅰ

    Anecdotes-Interesting incidents and stories from sex dolls

  • Sex Game Mixes VR and Sex Doll

    This is a sex game invented by Japan. It is also an adult VR game. As we all know, Japan's sexual culture is developed
  • Social anxiety disorder,the disabled -Sex doll may help

    For customers with social anxiety disorders, the sex doll service can be said to be of great value.
  • Get Rid of Shame-Your guide to buying sex dolls

    Ways help you to choose  TPE sex doll that you like, to enjoy the fun of sex dolls,  and no more shame of buying them.
  • Does the real sentiment come from sex?

    Not everyone regards sex as important things, whether it is a partner or a single person. However, whether it is true feelings can arouse people's ...
  • Asexual love - From Entity dolls to Virtual dolls

    We all know blow up doll and silicone realistic doll, but few people know about virtual dolls. The virtual doll is usually based on the influence o...
  • Reasons behind the popularity of sex doll ?

    Sex dolls are becoming more popular around the world and are expected to be offered in more brothels in the future. Men prefer realistic dolls to p...
  • Why do more people choose sex dolls?

    Help and heal your mind Like many sex workers, they can help and heal the mind. In particular, the convenience and prudence of the purchase metho...
  • Will sex dolls lead to more people being single and impact human fertility?

    Life size dolls are becoming more and more popular, from the original sex toys to the current soulmate. There are many people who worry that the ad...
  • Really worth the big price to buy a sex doll?

    Everyone will carefully consider this issue before spending a thousand dollars.Is the lifelike sex doll really worth buying? Will I be physically t...
  • Sex doll is more than just sex toy

    What can sex dolls do for you?
    They usually choose sex dolls as following reasons.