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Technology in the future of sex - which one do you most expect?

As the old saying goes:"The desire for food and sex is part of human nature". From product to service, people rarely talk about sex, but the inner desire is an important consciousness that has promoted human reproduction for thousands of years. From the sex toys of the ancient stone tools period to the artificial intelligence realistic sex dolls that have become more and more popular today, they are constantly exploring human sensory experience.

sex life

1, Touch
When the vision is maximally satisfied, humans begin to develop a tactile experience. The traditional 3D brings us only the simulated vision. If the touch is simulated, the feeling of the body will make the virtual experience more popular. In fact, it has already existed in the process of game development. By applying the technology in the game or the movie to the simulated motion feedback, the human body in the 3D picture can be touched, and the feedback can be felt to feel the touched feeling. Try to think about how real it should be.


qioux sex doll

2, VR
VR sex doll games have become popular as a new type of experiential service, but the future is still worth looking forward to.
Whether watching TV, movies, games or business, VR has become our new way of sensing. The virtual world brings us more experience than reality.

3, Nerve signals

future sex life

Neural signals are a comprehensive sensory experience based on VR vision and tactile sensations. In biology, it is called an electrical signal. The form that is transmitted in the human body contains electrical signals. If we can find the position of each sensory nerve and replace the input with artificial signals, we can get the maximum degree of "real". Feel.