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The contemporary trend of sex dolls

Sex dolls are no longer rare and embarrassing thing. With the upgrading of human service experience, whether it is brothels or sex toys, the products of sex dolls are progressing in the trend. From inflatable dolls to sex robots, from traditional brothels to sex dolls with distinctive services.

closed eyes sex doll

The Spanish custom store should be the earlier custom store in Europe. There are four different types of silicone sex dolls available in the store, from white skin to dark skin, from Asians to Europeans and Americans. A reservation call will give you the experience and the little experience you want. The sex dolls in the store are not only realistic, but also the touch of the skin is similar to that of a real person. The appointment can determine the costume style of the doll. If you want to experience expensive sex dolls, but can't afford the high price, then come to such a custom. The store's satisfaction with inner preferences and fantasies is the most worthwhile choice. In this way, TPE real doll within the scope of purchasing power is our ultimate choice.

sex robot

The development of sex robots is also an important field of intelligent robots. According to the existing sex robots, they have a variety of personality traits, which makes our experience more realistic, which is the main characteristic different from ordinary silicone dolls. The body of the robot has a heater inside to maintain the same body temperature as humans. Because she has a smart system, she can improve the interactivity of the system by getting along with people, and also to make sexual robots more perfect and close to real humans.
Although it is only a replica of the female body, it reflects the understanding of the sex robot, and it is a choice for the average male ideal state.