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Two Tips You Need to Know About TPE Sex Dolls.

It usually takes seven steps to make a TPE love doll. The first step is to design the doll's body proportion and facial image. A real-life  doll.
anime sex doll
Whether the doll is beautiful is the details of the sculpture, the details of the sculpture are perfect, and the clothing mix is ​​far less than the vivid image of the vividly carved doll. This is also the soul of a silicone doll.

A satisfied solid sex doll must first become a work of art and then an adult product. Because the customers who buy dolls are not only for fun, some people will customize dolls to commemorate the deceased relatives, and some people make a doll to save their appearance when they are young. The market for simulation dolls is now not limited to the field of sexual works, but more and more people accept and need dolls. The industry is also moving towards high-speed development areas such as artificial intelligence and private ordering.
140cm sex doll

But no one can predict the future direction of this industry. All we can do is make the dolls more real, better and better.

Another important step is the skeleton of the adult sex doll, which builds the skeleton frame of the doll, including the reliable skeleton material, the simulated bone joint activity, and more body-like structures and movements.