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Unimagined Risky Contraception

Some ancient methods of contraception are dangerous to the human body. For example, ancient people used graphite or mercury to achieve contraceptive effects, but this dangerous method can easily lead to death.

Toxic drug contraception
In ancient China, modern prostitutes used certain toxic drugs in traditional Chinese medicine for contraception, such as mercury, as well as arsenic or strychnine for contraception. Although large doses of these drugs can cause death, small doses The use can kill the fetus in the abdomen. Prostitutes who use this method of contraception are permanent, irreversible lifelong infertility, often when they first started to be prostitutes, they were secretly prescribed by the old man!

Lead-containing hot metal contraception
The ancient Greeks believed that hot metal can also be used as a contraceptive tool. Although we don't know who invented this method, it is a fact that lead in molten iron. During the First World War, women who worked in lead-containing factories had an unusually high rate of infertility. Scientific research has found that iron can cause neurological disease, kidney failure, coma, and even death. This is completely risking life in contraception!  In the end, how much do you want to have no children? Cause no common  masturbation toys or male sex toys,  put women of that era at greater risk of contraception.

After seeing all kinds of wonderful contraceptive methods of the ancients, are you also very surprised? For these contraceptive methods, many people can't imagine it. Is it true that I am living in this age, and finally I don’t have to worry about contraception. In fact, many women in ancient times did not have the consciousness of contraception. Most of them were born to the age at which they could not have children. If they had no menstruation, they would not be pregnant. Therefore, the family and children in ancient times were generally more common.