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Why are Few Women Using Sex Dolls, while Men are Addicted to?

Objectively speaking, the weight of a life-size sex doll itself is the main factor for women. The weight of the doll is generally 75 to 115 pounds. The weight of the doll is difficult for them to move as they like during the process of making love. In addition, the patriarchal-ism brought about by history is still an undeniable trace of existence, and most women are very shy when talking about sex doll topic.

158cm sex doll

On the other hand, subjective factors are also indisputable. Psychological research shows that female sexual love processes rely more on imagination, while men rely more on vision. After considering the individual differences in gender, it seems obvious that many erotic magazines and realistic adult sex dolls are made with the sex of men.

At the moment, more and more people pin their feelings on the dolls. In addition to being a sex toy, some people with physical and mental disabilities are more inclined to this kind of love relationship that can control everything.

realistic sex doll

It is said that the earliest inflatable dolls originated from Lily of Germany and are the object of sexual love as an adult male. But later people called it just erotic imitation. It was not until later that American porn products were sold legally that they had a later inflatable doll.