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Will sex dolls lead to more people being single and impact human fertility?

Life size dolls are becoming more and more popular, from the original sex toys to the current soulmate. There are many people who worry that the advancement of simulated love dolls will gradually replace the status of women in the hearts of men, and it may not take long for these dolls to occupy the main single male market. This in turn has brought instability to society, many of them worried.

First of all, we should be clear that even the best sex dolls and even high-tech simulation robots can't compare with real humans. The most interesting relationship between people is the brain that we can't copy, every real individual. Make this world even more exciting. Because the future is expected because of the unknown.

Furthermore, the factors affecting fertility are multifaceted, and many aspects are not something we can control. If it really affects fertility, it is not necessarily a bad thing, just as many Dink families and partners who actively or passively choose infertility should not be condemned.

On the other hand, such fears can be said to be unnecessary. The highly developed and continuous advancement of biotechnology is bound to open up a more long-term and reliable path for the transmission of the original genetics of our human genes.