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Customize Sex Doll

Want to customize your fantasy doll? Here is where you can't miss it. You will find that the custom-made sex dolls are easier to fall in. Here's how to customize your sex dolls. Choose the model of your favorite dolls from the following options. Choose the details of the sex doll you want to customize, and we will customize it for you exactly as you want.

1. Choose the height of your sex doll

View sex dolls by heights:

2. Choose the face of your sex doll

View sex dolls by models:

3. Choose skin color of your sex doll


View sex dolls by skin color:

4. Choose the eye color of your sex doll

5. Choose a built-in or removable vagina


6. Choose an ordinary foot or a standing foot

Add custom options and add to the shopping cart,then pay.Your unique choice of qioux realistic love doll will arrive at your delivery location soon.